About the namespace riddle

NOTE: This is a restored version from this archive. WARNING : This document will soon be deprecated. The ‘Back to Basics’ series of article will replace it as soon at it is completed. The riddle RDDL was created, according to its authors, in response to the following question (or riddle, hence the name) : Some namespace names are URL. What should I get when I type this URL into my browser ?

A Platform-Neutral Model-View Framework

NOTE: This is a restored version from this archive. Introduction XSLT can be used to transform XML data in various ways. An application often seen is to use XSLT to transform XML data for presentation, building HTML / XHTML / WML / whatever documents. This allows for a clean separation between domain-specific data documents following a dedicated schema, and a presentation-dedicated markup language. This way, data documents can be produced and used by other tools that don’t need to care about presentation issues.